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Written by Melanie Lamere on Jul 01, 2016 in Uncategorized - No Comments

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Earlier this month we asked you to submit questions for our summer sermon series “Ask Anything” – and you really came through, submitting over 50 questions!

Starting this Sunday, July 3rd, and going through September 4th, five preachers will engage with ten of the questions you submitted.  Here’s a preview:

  • What happens when a person dies?
  • What is necessary for salvation?
  • Will God forgive me if I don’t forgive others?
  • How do I reconcile divine sovereignty and human responsibility?
  • Is Scripture reliable?
  • Are the God of the Old Testament and New Testament the same God?
  • How are Christians called to navigate their relationships with the LGBTQ community, with love?
  • Can I Lose My Salvation?
  • How should a Christian approach the natural sciences?
  • Are these the last days?

We’re thankful for your thoughtful contributions, and we’re looking forward to see how this series will unfold!

Our hope is that you’ll find these messages helpful and encouraging, and that they will equip you to live out your faith with greater confidence and joy.  We also hope that they will make you more effective at coming alongside of others who wrestle with questions and doubts about Christianity.

Throughout the summer, you might consider inviting someone you know who, may have questions about Christianity but doesn’t feel like the church takes them seriously, to come and listen to the sermon, and perhaps discuss it with you over lunch. 

May God use this to help us grow in our knowledge and understanding of His Word, and what it means to live with Him and for Him.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bill