Responding to Refugees

Written by Melanie Lamere on Oct 24, 2016 in Events - No Comments

College Church Mission Conference Nov 5-6

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Two-year-old Helenos in the arms of her mother, Nasbiah, reaches out toward the razor wire installed along the Hungarian-Serbian border. They made the trek to Serbia from Afghanistan.

This year the College Church Mission conference will be focusing on responding to the refugee crisis affecting millions of people. Join us on November 5th and 6th as we hear from and interact with:

    -A former Sudanese refugee now ministering back in South Sudan

    -One local Christian family’s commitment to embrace refugee families and      internationals

    -Catholic Charities’ very local Refugee Resettlement opportunity,

    -The head of Ascentria Care Alliance’s Services for New Americans, himself an Iraqi former refugee

    -Two local believers serving international students

    -And various College Church supported servants eager to connect with you!

See this information packet for more information to share.