Update from Cody B

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Hello from the Middle East

College Church,

This past Semester the Lord has been so faithful. There have been plenty of ups and downs being in a very spiritually dark country. The Lord has allowed us access to 3 campuses pretty regularly this semester which we have been able to meet many new students while on campus.

In the picture to the right with the 5 of us on the STINT team we to reflect on what God had done this past semester we set up this diagram. The rain drops represent non-believing friends that we have started to journey with (this means more than just an initial meeting). The pots are community of believers or movements of believer to grown in. Drops by drop there will be a pond but God uses the pots to catch those drops when it start to pour. The 5 of us have started to journey with more than 90 students this past semester. This is a really cool representation of what God has done.

Another Highlight was our Christmas outreach where we saw over 35 students come and hear the gospel for possibly there first time. It was our biggest event that we held and it was such a blessing to see the response we
got. I have also loved getting to know John (we will call him). We met John at English club and our relationship has grown so much over the past few months. John comes from and very traditional Muslim family but is very curious about new ways to thinking and has been learning about the bible in a discovery bible study we hold on Tuesday nights. I have seen his curiosity towards new beliefs and the meaning of life
expand a lot over the last semester. Going left from right Me, Zac (my roommate), John.


  1. The Lord’s faithfulness this semester keeping our team united and for bringing a student to know him!

  2. For house much God has taught me personally this semester.

  3. Praise God for the 90 students we have friendships with.

Prayer Items

  1. Local churches and Christian leaders would be guided as they give direction for the future of this country spiritually.

  2. Renewed vigor to start of the next semester with energy as we think about reaching new pockets of students.

  3. We would continue to step out in faith during conversations, especially with the 90 students we have already friendships with.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support,

Cody Baglow.