Urban Promise Visit

Written by Melanie Lamere on Mar 29, 2017 in Events - No Comments

urban promise, college church, s northampton, mass, pioneer valley, Camden New JersyOn Sunday, March 26th members of Urban Promise’s poetry club (Camden, NJ) visited College Church to share some of the ways God is at work in in their city, and how God is using poetry to bring hope and healing to kids growing up in America’s poorest and most violent city.  Kids from Urban Promise’s “Freedom” Camp write poetry every Tuesday as a way of discovering common ground, being attentive to themselves and to each other, and to God’s presence in their lives.  A team from College Church will be traveling from Northampton to Camden this summer (July 30 – August) to serve and learn alongside of Urban Promise.  For more information visit www.urbanpromiseusa.org or contact Pastor Bill