Lifeline: A Christ-Centered Recovery Group

(chemical dependency)

Wednesdays, 6pm, Classroom 2


Lifeline is a community of Christ followers and God seekers learning how the 12 Steps of Recovery and faith in Jesus Christ work together to lead us into the freedom and joy of a sane and quiet life.  Our goal is to share our experience, strength and hope and to encourage one another on the journey of recovery from any addiction or compulsive behavior over which we have lost control.  We seek to create a safe place to be honest, to grow spiritually and emotionally as we learn from Scripture how to live a sober life – sober in the sense of being at home in Christ’s love and under his gracious rule. 


Lifeline is sponsored by College Church as a way to introduce people to Christ-centered recovery.  We center on the Bible’s theme of God’s steadfast grace and love for us in Jesus, and his power to do for us what we could never do for ourselves.  We believe that the 12 Steps provide not only a proven way out of addiction’s enslavement, but also a pathway to Christian discipleship.  The only requirement for this program is a willingness to open our hearts to God, confess our need, and ask his help to begin a new way of life.  Whatever our individual stories may be, experience has taught us that God, in Christ, is our lifeline, our only hope for personal restoration and healing.

For more information, contact:  Thom Venema.

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