Afghanistan and Haiti: Learn, Pray, Act, Give

Afghanistan & Haiti

Learn.  Pray.  Act.





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 Book: Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate

 Webcast: Afghan Refugee Crisis, September 9, 2pm





Sunday, September 5:

For the church in Haiti—that it would continue praise God amidst the wreckage and provide hope and healing to those who have suffered loss.  And for the church in Afghanistan—that it will persevere in the face of persecution, and that the gospel would shine bright in this time of darkness 


Monday, September 6:

For Haitians at risk due to homelessness, exposure and poverty—for their safety and basic needs.  For those awaiting evacuation from Afghanistan—that they would be evacuated safely and quickly.  And for those who face persecution under the Taliban—that they would be protected and, if they must flee, that they would find refuge, whether in neighboring countries or abroad.


Tuesday, September 7:

For relief workers and medical workers in Haiti, and for those who are trying to process large numbers of evacuees and refugees quickly—for rest, resources, wisdom and perseverance.


Wednesday, September 8:

For the United States and the Biden administration to have both wisdom and courage to keep their commitments and fulfill their promises to those facing persecution on account of their association with the United States.


Thursday, September 9:

For veterans of the war in Afghanistan, many of whom feel discouraged and demoralized by the events of recent weeks; for those in need of healing, and for those who have lost loved ones.  For Haitians in the US who have lost loved ones or have concerns for loved ones.


Friday, September 10:

For the Taliban, mindful that God calls us to pray even for our enemies and that, if God can intervene and redirect the life of a persecutor of the church like Paul, he can do the same for leaders within the Taliban.


Saturday, September 11:

For churches throughout the United States, that we would not only pray and advocate for Afghans and other refugees, but also eagerly welcome them into our communities in partnership with organizations like WARM and World Relief.





Reach Out to any Haitians or Afghans you know.



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Give to World Relief to support their work in Haiti and with Afghan Refugees: chose “World Relief” under the “Fund” menu.