The Goodness of Affliction

Thursdays, Sept 30 – Nov 11

6:30-7:30pm, Zoom

Facilitators: Holly Dowling, Marsha Morris and Betsy Wassmann 

“How would our lives differ if we embraced this inevitability of suffering within the greater narrative of God’s redemptive purposes? How would our faith be different if we believed deep in our soul that God’s love carries us along our suffering? In its universality, suffering strips us of all our unique identities save that of being children of God. External accolades fall away, well-meaning friends fade into their own fear of inadequacy. As Dave writes, at the heart of suffering is the truth that God alone satisfies.”

Dave’s book, which provides encouragement for those who suffer, will be available for free for those who register by September 20th, and is available for purchase on Amazon.  For more information and to register contact Betsy Wassmann.